AANZ 2020 Runway

  • Aug 12

    Wednesday, 9:30am – 7:30pm

    Simpson Grierson, Auckland

    • Founders: $75 plus gst

      Investor Directors: $150 plus gst

Tips and tricks to help scale your business and create exponential value. 

This is a full day workshop designed for angel backed startups - their founders and existing and budding investor-directors. It will be choc full of practical insights and examples to help grow the value of your business. We are delighted to be running this, the second Runway event of the year, physically in Auckland. It will comprise four sessions fronted by highly experienced professionals. We also set up the day to help you make as many new friends as possible because we know startups with more connections grow faster than those with less (ref Startup Genome).
Start-Up Judo - How to leverage the obstacles, difficulties and improbability of success in your favour to win big with Serge van Dam, 'SaaS Investor / Director'
How do you aim higher and be more audacious when factors outside of your control are impeding your progress. How do you create the step change required to overcome these headwinds?
ESOPs, the long game or the long pain, with David Beard, Partner at Movac.
How do you get the true value out of ESOPs, what objectives are you trying to achieve with them and how to implement them effectively.
The Investment Journey – understanding the impact of securities and investment terms on your business and returns, with Murray Whyte, Partner at Avid Legal.
This session will be a working case of what happens with term sheets and convertible loans through the lens of a cap table. 

Bring your challenges, experiences and insights to this session as part of a facilitated discussion with our speakers from the day as well as audience members. 


  • Simpson Grierson, Level 27, Lumley Centre, 88 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

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