We’re back with our early stage investment series hosted by AANZ and NZGCP.  Portfolio Management is the second workshop of the series, a half day morning event to showcase how a well-structured and well-managed early-stage venture portfolio can deliver outlier returns, both financial and socio-economic. 

This workshop is designed for investors and provides networking opportunities after the presentations (here’s hoping we won’t have to go ‘digital’ this time, so that we can enjoy in-person conversation!). 


Marcus (Investment Director) and Hursh (Investment Manager) will take you through the processes and management of the Aspire NZ Seed Fund with 160+ active portfolio companies. Topics covered will include venture capital portfolio theory, investment strategy and portfolio management. The duo will share their watchouts and recommendations as well as highlights of success within the portfolio.


Marcel will lead a discussion on the importance of portfolio balance in regards to sectors, stage and diversity to increase the chances of success. He will share insights from his vast portfolio and experience in early-stage investment. He will then lead a discussion with a panel of early-stage investors (participants TBC) on their portfolio investment approach and how to determine which companies are best to double down on and why.

Thursday 13th May 2021 9am - 1pm

NZX. Level 1, NZX Centre, 11 Cable Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Cost: The cost for this event is $100+ GST and includes coffee on arrival and lunch.

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