Health and Prosperity through Clinical Trials

  • Mar 22

    Fri, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

    Novotel Auckland Airport, Auckland Airport International Terminal, Auckland

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Following on from your participation in NZHR’s August 2017 Clinical Trials workshop, we are excited to bring you our follow-on workshop “Health and Prosperity through Clinical Trials”. We’re still seeking input into the programme, with likely content so far including:

  • How to maximise the health benefits of clinical trials, including better incentivising participation of publicly funded health providers such as DHBs

  • How to optimise the economic benefits of clinical trials through ensuring our international competitiveness as an attractive place for commercial investment

  • Monitoring and measuring clinical trials trends in New Zealand

  • The proposed therapeutic products regulatory regime

  • The outcome of the NEAC’s October 2018 consultation on health research standards

  • Progress in addressing, and resetting, the priorities identified from NZHR’s 2017 workshop

We’re pitching the workshop as not just a talk-fest. It will focus on identifying a set of priorities for action, which will become the basis of NZHR’s advocacy and lobbying activity on behalf of NZHR members and stakeholders. We also intend that it will help to ensure that policy makers and implementers hear a consistent voice about the things that really matter for the players in this sector.

All participants will be provided with a hard copy of NZHR’s just released clinical trials discussion paper, which sets out sector developments since the Health Committee’s 2011 recommendations, ten year trends and projections through to 2021. An electronic beta version of the paper is available here.

We are still developing the details of programme, and are considering expressions of interest from potential presenters from a cross section of the above organisations. Further suggestions and expressions of interest are very welcome so please email if you’d like to contribute in any way.

Participation will be limited to the first 50 registrations.

Who should attend?
Representatives from pharmaceutical companies, CROs, private clinical trial sites in New Zealand, DHBs, Ministry of Health, funders of clinical trials, and patient advocacy groups.  


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  • Novotel Auckland Airport
    Auckland Airport International Terminal
    Ray Emery Dr, Auckland Airport
    Auckland 2022

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